General Membership Meeting of the Vernon Placer Miners Club
Met October 3, 2023 at the Hall at 1204 30th Ave, Vernon BC. Vice President Attila Vasarhelyi opened the meeting at 7:15 PM. Note-taker was Cal Olsson. Eight members and one guest were in attendance.After correction that there were 16 members in attendance at last meeting; minutes were adopted by show of hands.

Correspondence: by Donna Smith

Membership Report by Donna Smith:
-26 families were currently paid up members in good standing.
-14 Life timers in good standing
-1 Honorary member in good standing.

There is a common dues due date of October first. Dues are $20.00 per year per family, Oct. to Oct.

Treasurer’s Report Report by Donna Smith:

Income………. $ Expenses…………….. $ Balance………………(you must be in attendance to hear the figures)

Old Business Arising out of Last Meeting’s Minutes:

-Kim Creed tabled papers showing plaques from last years BC Open that he had engraved for us by Desi and put on trophies which he took back to Enderby to be displayed in the Enderby Chamber of Commerce information booth. The bill submitted to Club treasurer Donna Smith for reimbursement. Paid in cash at the meeting.

New Business:

-Rick Peterson moved we pay $200.00 to British Columbia Placer Miners Association for annual dues and reimburse our Political Liason and information Officer for expences to attend BCPMA annual General Meeting in Kamloops on October 28 of this year. Seconded by Kim Creed. Discussed, voted on and passed. Rick was given the cash at the meeting.

-Donna suggested that perhaps if we do have another BC Open Championships, yes, she will be doing the metal detecting.

-Donna suggested we don’t even think about raffle ticket sales, as no one wants to sell anymore, and perhaps have a nice nugget or even a second prize that would be on display and for tickets for it for sale at the coffee can draw table she looks after. Not to be confused with silent auction stuff. To be discussed at the November meeting.


*** There has been no elections tonight. Not likely to be any elections in November either. Donna told those that wanted to pay their membership, to do it at the end of the year.(hopefully at the Christmas dinner.) to start the New year with everyone paying up instead of Oct. It has not been confirmed yet but we are hoping to have a Christmas dinner on the first Tues of Dec. as usual, where you will have to pay does at that time.
-Donna announced we are ALL getting too old and getting medically unable to keep doing the BC open raffle and may have to get some other club or association to take over doing the BC Open Gold Panning Championships. She suggested maybe the Rock Creek group would. Had you heard that Rock Creek had a 50/50 draw that was over $20,000, so obviously they have a lot of pull …Jerry mentioned that the youngest one in the judges tent is Sherri LaValley, and we are all in the stage where we want to retire as we are almost or even already over 80 years old. Louie Yonkman and Donna Smith are the only ones to go to the different business to ask for help with prizes. She and Louie have no one else to take over that job..


Prospectors and miners have been searching for the noble metals free mined by nature for years , but some seek the refined minted variety. Such a one is Kim Creed who is buiding a huge legacy of rare and valuable coins for his grand-kids. He displayed for us this enormous and facinating collection: it was enthralling. The provenance (history of where, when, and how they were collected) was riveting. There is going to be a windfall down the road for some lucky grand children.

Social Convener’s Report by Donna Smith:

Best Wishes for a happy birthday for May 2023 go out to: Ken Montie Joyce Hall Robin Jenner Terry Regier Rob Lus Bill Dean and Donna Smith
Condolences go out to Jerry Stainer on Jerry’s unfortunate accident , complete with broken arm , in Prince George.
For me also on sudden death of prospecting/mining friend Otto Breitkreutz.

Vice President Attila Vasarhelyi adjourned the meeting at 9:00 PM.

Political Liaison and Information Committee. Report by Rick Peterson

BCPMA Annual General meeting in Kamloops Coast Hortel on October 28. Government mines ministry officials to show up as well. Any VPMA members welcome to come as well.