Meeting opened at 7:05 by Lorne Tkaczyk

Attendance- 42
Guests- 0

Minutes read by Karen MacKenzie
No additions or changes to be made.
Motioned by Louie Yonkman
Seconded by Ken Cuffe

Treasurers Report read by Mary Erickson  
Contact Mary if you wish to know the details.
Motioned by Lorne Tkaczyk
Seconded by Jerry Stainer

Membership and Social News read by Donna Smith

Membership paid up- 32
Honorary Memberships- 3 
Lifetime Memberships- 15

Birthdays for the Month of April
Mike Bjerstedt     Brian Callaghan    Shane Marfleet    Sylvia Thompson   
Brian Petryshen     Lynn Eggers     Beverly Harding    Vi Turner
Happy Birthday everyone!

Sad News to pass on to members.  With sadness I again have to say another friend died Friday (March 31st) Marjorie Bloomfield, who was also Donna’s friend and Maurice Winton’s lady, died 3 days from the one year anniversary of his death.

Yearly Yard Sale April 21st and 22nd.
Location Parking Lot Across from the Performing Arts Center/Science Center in Vernon, (near the Rec Center)
$5 a day per Family, bring as many tables as you like.
What you sell, you get to keep the money, and it does not have to be gold panning items.

Ted Turner had an addition to this announcement.  Elton’s remaining items will be for sale at the Yard Sale, Proceeds will be used for a Youth Panner’s Trophy for the B.C. Open Gold Panning Championship for future years. 

Correspondence- Nothing to report

Political Report by Rick Peterson
Nothing new to report.

BC Open Gold Panning Championship Report by Lorne Tkaczyk

A list of jobs for the Open was read out and the most positions have been taken care of by the same volunteers as last year.  Some changes have been needed as some will not be partaking in the games or have scaled back their involvement due to health issues.  Some changes may need to be made to a few positions but as a whole we are doing good with people stepping up and New Members Volunteering to help out.  
For more information on tasks and jobs to be filled or if you would like to volunteer please contact Lorne Tkaczyk at

See Donna Smith for Ticket Books for the B.C. Open Nuggets, Gold/Silver Miner’s Coin and the Miner Bear.  10 ticket per Book is selling at a decent pace so far and feedback has been positive.

Merv Mathers has made a pair of BC Open Trophies to honor Elton.  One for the Club and a Keeper for the Winner.  Both of which have a really nice photo of Elton.  Thank You Merv.
Old Business read by Lorne Tkaczyk
C Can still waiting to be moved but due to the snow melt it will have to wait until the ground dries out in the compound.  
Money still owed to Pat and Louie Yonkman for the purchase of the C Can, 3 years left to pay back.

??? Can not remember the Member’s Name who took the Course in Kamloops for Map Place 2.
Map Place 2 free website

( I tested this site to make sure I had it right to open into the site and it does)

This new Map Place 2 Beta is a good site for all types of claims for minerals and mining operations.

New Business

50/50 was $43.50, Winner- Wayne Thompson

Gold Nugget Draw for 2 Nuggets
1st Winner- Jerry Stainer
2nd Winner- Kim Creed

Kim Creed re-donated his nugget toward a kids panning prize for the BC Open.

Cal Olsson organized a Show and Tell of Member Hobbies and Crafts for the Meeting.

Kim Creed Presented his information for selling gold/silver/jewelry/currency/ and precious metals.
He found that to get the best value for your gold and currency take it to the Vancouver Bullion and Currency Exchange on West Pender Street, Vancouver.
And Jewelry take to the White Rock Branch.
Only pay 1-3% exchange fee opposed to 10-40% at a pawn/gold Broker.  
Best time to make transactions is before 10am due to the Asian Market and the NY Stock Exchange.  
Billy Hung is the Branch Manager to contact @

Donna Smith brought her very impressive collection of Geo Caching Items and tools of the hobby to show what is involved in being a Geo Cacher.  She is known as mrspumpkin,  when it comes to putting together Caches and Trackables and starting new ones all over Canada and some of the United States as well.  For more info See Donna, she is a wealth of knowledge for this wonderful outdoor hobby.    

Ken Cuffe brought his collection of Local Rocks and Beautiful Boxes with Gem Rock Embellishments.  See Ken to see more of his beautiful Gem Boxes.

Cal Olsson brought his collection of Rocks and Minerals, many of which were found in BC.  Ask Cal where to go to find some of your own treasures.     

Karen MacKenzie brought a sample of her collection of Rocks and Gems she has collected Rockhounding in the Okanagan Valley.  Samples included Raw, Cut and Polished to show what to look for and the potential for Cutting, Polishing, and Jewelry Making Pieces from local Rocks, Agates and other Gems.  Ask Karen for more information on Local Rock Hounding. Is it Leaverite or Keeperite? 

Meeting Adjourned at 8:30