General Membership Meeting of the Vernon Placer Miners Club

Met March 5 2024 at the Hall at 1204 30th Ave, Vernon BC. President Donna Smith opened the meeting at 7:10 PM. Note-taker was Cal Olsson. There was 18 members and two guests, Markey and Jim, from the Vernon Lapidary Club in attendance.

The minutes of the last meeting were read , and accepted by a show of hands.


-Donna was having some problems with forms so asked Jonathan Paull for his help in the forms and sent them in so we are recognized as a society again. He has did up our gaming licence as well so we are legal.

-Donna brought some 1 ounce silver coins for some take home momentoes for the champion panners. Louie moved we buy and use the one ounce silver coins as take home momento prizes at this years BC Open. Seconded by Attila Vasarhelyi. Discussed voted on and passed.

-Donna said there has been a bit of a mix up in the e-trasfer with banking. Hopefully it is straightened out, and her personal banking should now use her phone number and not her email.

-Donna asked Louie if he would be M.C. at the BC Open event, as he has a good speaking voice.

-Fire Chief Cliff Vetter 250-253-7828 still needs to be lined up to fill up the panning tubs.

-Thank you to Pat and Louis Yonkman for todays goodies at coffee time. We all knew you would be an excellent cook.

-Fire Chief Cliff Vetter 250-253-7828 still needs to be lined up to fill up the panning tubs and other things that need to be sorted out for the Enderby end of things, so that will be a trip up there soon.

-Jonathan Garner was happy to hear there will be flat panning and will put it in the


-Our club insurance for this year is $1,932.00. Paid by also getting some help from the lovely helpful ladies at Capri insurance.

Income………. $______________ Expenses………..$__________ Balance……..$_____________, Amounts reported at the meeting.

Donna still looking for best deal on screen tent for Liana Bjerstad’s use.

Still need to get Brenda to the bank to have sign in rights.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT :- Brenda Morrison

-20 families are currently paid up members in good standing.

-14Life timers in good standing

-5 Honorary members in good standing.

There is a common dues date of December. Dues are $20.00 per year per family, Dec. to Dec.

Birthdays wishes for March:- Mel Huizinga Merv Mathers Bill Dean Diane Fulbrook Trina Panich

Congradulations to Mr. John McFarlane on successful recovery from his back operation!


– BC Open World Gold Panning Championships to take place on Friday May 17 for set up day. Saturday May 18, and Sunday may 19,2024.

-BC Open World Championship Gold Panning Expert Category will have a gold nugget prize, name engraved on trophy for first place winner, and take home momento.

-BC Open World Championship Gold Panning Intermediate Category will have a gold nugget prize, and take home momento.

-BC Open World Championship Gold Panning Novice Category will have a gold nugget prize, and take home momento.

-BCOpen World Championship Gold Panning Teen Category will have a gold nugget nugget prize, and take home momento.

-BC Open World Championship Gold Panning Junior Category will have a gold nugget nugget prize, and take home momento.

Age; toddler to 10 yrs. Can be helped by parent or other, but kid must keep at least one hand on the pan at all times or disqualified. Kids ½ price (junior).

-Gold Rush game $5.00. junior kids $2.00.

-Learn to pan $5.00. (keep gold flakes)

-Dirt toss game $5.00, junior kids $2.00.

-silent auction. and 25 cent draws

-Metal Detecting event on Saturday night in the dark and on Sunday at 8:30 am.. Nugget for first at both events

-No dogs in event area but welcome at RV park.

-Once winners are engraved on silver plates they will be tacked on to the trophies at the Enderby Chamber of Commerce. Ken Montie said he will line up his neighbor who is an engraver to do the work.

-Ken Montie expects we can get 20 participants for the flat panning. Need to make sure we have enough gravel. Jerry Stainer also needs more washed , classified gravel, for the BC Open panners.

-Still looking for a hot food truck to come to the BC Open.

We need volunteers for this year’s BC Open Gold Panning Championships. Please consider giving a hand to help?


-Donna asked Louie for the report on the gravel situation. Louie seems to think we have enough.

-Schools will not allow us to come do demonstrations because of liability and needing a police report etc.

-last meeting awards were given out, and Rick Peterson was away, so he got his this time. Kim Creed still has yet to get his.


We were privileged this evening to have some members do a ‘show and tell’, come and talk to us.

Mike McKenzie showed is a state of the art metal detector he is currently using with wonderful results. This machine can be programmed for sensitivity and used as a gps unit for logging, ‘find’, locations and marking them right on his cell phone.. It can be hooked up to his cell phone for underwater use as well. No gold particles can escape being found by this baby!

Brent Zvonavich regaled us with,a newly invented panning machine. It is back packable , able to be toted into the steepest canyon. You would have to see it , it is like a miniturized washplant running off a 1500 gallon per hour pump.

Louie Yonkman brought in a book put out by the Canadian Geological Survey about the mining area we are mainly interested in . It has the geology , placer and lode mines and potential of this area.. Very informative, with map.

Cal displayed some of the new found ore with 200 magnification picture from John McFarlanes claim. Has some minerals they are looking for making electric car batteries.

EVENTS- (now a new feature in the minutes)

-Next meeting April 2- come at 6 pm and bring dish for potluck supper…meeting to follow.

-On May 11 2024 attend car show in Lumby…Rick is not sure if he will be able to do the learn to pan.

-May 7. meeting.

-May 17 Set up on Friday at Riverside RV

May 18+19 BC Open

June 6, outing to Kettle claim. For details call Rancid Crabtree (Cal) at 250 766-4071

June 14, Lumby Days but Rick will NOT set up on this date.

June 15+16 Rick will have a learn to pan tent and will be there from 12-4..please come and help him out .

July gold cleanup (TBA)

Betty Sandbrook won the 50/50 draw $21.00

1st gold nugget door prize won by Rick Peterson

2nd gold nugget door prize won by Cal Olsson

The meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM.

POLITICAL LIASON and Information Committee. Report by Rick Peterson

Currently all quiet on the political front. Get in touch with Rick at 250-681-0908 or email for any questions or comments,