March 7th Meeting of the Vernon Placer Miners. Meeting opened at 7:00 by Ernie Erickson Attendance- 31 people 3 new guests Tom, David and Dorothy Also returning New Members Brenda and Jerry Morrison. Minutes read by Karen MacKenzie Correction to the minutes, my mistake regarding the collection of donations for door prizes and silent auction made by Donna Smith. Donna corrected me saying she is in charge, but was just informing the designated helpers that

November 5, 2014

VPM Minutes for FEB 2017

February 7th Meeting of the Vernon Placer Miner’s. Due to illness Ernie could not attend this meeting. Meeting opened by Lorne Tkaczyk at 7:05pm 28 people attending the meeting. 2 Guests, Brenda Morrison, Gerry Morrison, new to area from Calgary but became a member Pat and Louis Yonkman received the Lifetime Membership for their long service to the Club. Thanks so much for all your help, both of you. Minutes were read by Karen MacKenzie with one change